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Rural Payments and Inspections Division - Communications

The Rural Payments and Inspections Division (RPID) Communications team aims to communicate effectively with our rural stakeholders. Rural Payments and Inspections Division has around 600 staff in 17 area offices throughout Scotland doing a variety of jobs - some in the office covering administration and developing policy, to others out in the field updating maps or conducting inspections.

Every two weeks we post a ‘Wee Chat’ on our Rural Matters Facebook page with various people involved in the rural industry, including our staff. We are aiming to inform people about the breadth of work RPID is responsible for, and the commitment our staff show.

The RPID Communications Team

If you need to contact us, please use the email addresses below:                                                                                                           

sarah wood

 Sarah Wood

Communications Manager (p/t) 

eleanor stratford

Eleanor Stratford 

Communications Manager(p/t)

Matt Cartney

 Matt Cartney

Visual Communications Officer

Marnie Mcleod

Marnie McLeod

Digital Communications Officer

Ian Grieve

Ian Grieve

Communications and Engagement Officer

Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson

Internal Communications Officer

Our Channels

We have a number of channels that we use to engage with our stakeholders, to inform them of our work.

Please contact us at our general inbox address RPID.Communications@gov.scot with suggestions for content for some of our channels, perhaps a farm to visit or an event to attend - get in touch!