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This content is no longer being updated. Find the latest information at: new entrants to farming on the gov.scot site.

Farm Advisory Service (FAS)

Good advice is essential to any business and the Scottish Government wants to make the best and most up-to-date advice easily accessible to land-based businesses across Scotland. This has added significance for New Entrants and the FAS includes many opportunities to network, learn, gain new skills, overcome barriers, be mentored by peers and create successful farming businesses. It includes:

  • ‘New Entrants to Farming Programme’ providing a network of new entrant groups across Scotland helping individuals at various stages in developing their business. The programme includes useful free resources such as case studies to help learn from the experience of others; guidance notes tailored to New Entrants; newsletters and social media. https://www.fas.scot/topic/new-entrants/

  • Free 'One-on-One Mentoring' which pairs new starters with experienced farmers to share experience in farm and business management. https://www.fas.scot/mentoring-new-farmers-crofters/

  • 'Integrated Land Management Plans' (ILMPs) are hugely important to all, but particularly new farm or croft businesses. The ILMP will identify opportunities and cost savings for your business, based on an independent and confidential assessment of your business by an experienced farm business adviser of your choosing. As part of your Plan you can choose to benefit from up to 2 further specialist advice Plans. https://www.fas.scot/integrated-land-management-plans-ilmps/

Please see the 'Farm Advisory Service' (www.fas.scot) for full details.                                                              National advice facility contact details:  

Phone:  03003230161                                                                                                                                               Email: advice@fas.scot