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This content is no longer being updated. Find the latest information at: new entrants to farming on the gov.scot site.

Skills, Training etc.


Lantra Scotland can help you find out more about a career in farming and can help access the skills, training, qualifications and knowledge you needPlease see link to Lantra Scotland website : https://www.scotland.lantra.co.uk/

In addition, to ensure that Scotland’s land-based employers have a pool of highly skilled new entrants to help support, and ultimately to succeed, an aging workforce, the Scottish Government fund Lantra Scotland to deliver an annual work plan that amongst other measures is designed to plug skills gaps, raise the quality of new entrants and ensure that careers influencers and potential new entrants have an increased awareness of career opportunities.

Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs (SAYFC)

In January 2016, the Scottish Government confirmed support for the SAYFC to deliver agricultural related training to its members. The activities available form part of a work plan agreed between the SAYFC and stakeholder organisations and include themes such as cultivating leaders, essential business skills, practical training and career options. Link to the SAYFC Training site: http://www.sayfc.org/hub/training

Contact: Penny Montgomerie: SAYFC Chief Executive, E-mail: penny@sayfc.org, Tel: 0131 333 2445, Mob: 07747 865291