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Voluntary Beef Labelling

The EC legislation requires beef labelling information, apart from compulsary labelling, to be approved by the authorities in the member state and checked by recognised verifiers.

Information that needs to be approved includes;

  • Region or local origin
  • Breed or cross breed
  • Age or sex of animal
  • Method of production
  • Method of slaughter
  • Date of slaughter
  • Method or length or maturation

Producers who wish to use additional labelling should fill in a beef labelling scheme application form.


Below are a few examples of approved voluntary beef labelling claims.


The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society

"Certified Aberdeen Angus" - where beef originates from cattle sired by a pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull registered with the Aberdeen Angus Breed Society.

ABP Scotland Ltd

“Matured for at least 21 days”

“Matured traditionally on the bone for 21 days”

“Matured traditionally on the bone for 14 days”

“15 Day Matured” – 2 – 5 days on the bone, 10 – 13 days in Vac pack.


“North Highland Beef” – All livestock must have Scotch Farm Assured status. All livestock must be born, reared and finished in the North Highland area. The North Highland region for the purpose of North Highland Beef and Lamb is defined as approximately 150 miles from the Castle of Mey – postcodes commencing KW, IV, AB, SH, DD9, DD10 and PH18 to PH50 and are resident on farm for a minimum of 30 days prior to slaughter direct from that farm.

“Mey Selections” – Cattle to be born, reared, finished and procured within 150 miles of the Castle of Mey. Cattle to be on the final farm for a minimum period of 30 days prior to slaughter.

“Vacuum packed for freshness” – Extra tender.

“Aberdeen Angus Procured from Aberdeen Angus Cross” – beef from select animals that have passports showing the sire to be of Aberdeen Angus breed.

“Aberdeen Angus Beef” – beef sired by a Registered Pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull.

“Wagyu” – Wagyu beef produced from cattle sired by a registered pedigree Wagyu bull.

A.P. Jess Ltd


"Age at Slaughter"

"Date of Slaughter"

"Identification Number"

Braehead Farm

"Arran Reared Beef"

Campbells Prime Meat Ltd

"Campbells Gold" - Scotch beef, matured for at least 21 days.

Lynch Quality Meats Ltd


"Farm Assured"

"21 day Matured"

Macbeth's Butchers


"Name of Supplying Farm"

"Sex of Animal"

"Breed of Animal"


"Grass Fed"

"Traditional/Traditionally Reared"

"Date of Slaughter"

"Method of Maturation"

"Length of Maturation"


Mathers Ltd


"Aberdeen Angus" - where beef originates from cattle sired by an Aberdeen Angus Bull.

"Mathers Black Gold"  - selected Scottish beef from grass fed herds, raised traditionally in Scotland.

Millers of Speyside Ltd

"Direct from the Highlands" - Scottish beef slaughtered and processed in the Highlands.

"Glen Fyne Beef" - from herds born and bred in the Highlands of Scotland.

"Ballindalloch" - all cattle are raised and finished with 30 miles of the Spey Valley.

"Highland Cattle"

"Millers Aberdeen Angus" - sired by Aberdeen Angus bull.

"Cairngorm Beef from the Highlands" - finished within the national park.


P.R. Duff Ltd


"Method of Maturation"

Rhinds of Elgin

"Scottish/Scotch" - the animal must have been born, raised and slaughtered in Scotland.

"Farm Assured/Farm Quality Assured" - the animal must have been sourced from a recognised Farm Quality Assurance Scheme and will have completed any necessary minimum residency period, for example the Quality Meat Scotland Farm Assurance Scheme.

Scotbeef Ltd

"Aberdeen Angus" - beef from animals sired by a Registered Aberdeen Angus Bull.

"Traditionally Matured" - matured on the bone.


"Select Farms"

"Method of Maturation"


"Identification Number"


"Matured for 10 days"

"Scotch Aberdeen Angus Beef reared by our Orkney farmers"

"Scottish Aberdeen Angus Beef reared by our Aberdeenshire farmers"

Vion Food Scotland Ltd

"Aberdeenshire Beef"  - beef produced from cattle who have completed a minimum residency of 20 days on the final Farm Assured farm which has an Aberdeenshire postcode and qualifies for the Scotch label status.

"Aberdeen Angus"  - steers and heifers which have been sired by an Aberdeen Angus bull which is registered by the AA Society. (This product may also be subject to 28 days maturation in the pack)