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Livestock Products - Beef Labelling Scheme

Picture of a prize winning beef cattle (c) Visit ScotlandBeef Labelling Scheme

The EC Council Regulation 1760/2000 governs both elements of the Beef Labelling Scheme - compulsory labelling and additional voluntary labelling. This scheme is enforced by the The Beef and Veal Labelling (Scotland) Regulations 2010

Compulsory Labelling

The requirement of this scheme is that it should enable beef on sale to be traced back to where it originated from. Compulsory beef labelling applies to all fresh and frozen beef and veal at all stages of the production chain from slaughterhouse to retailer.

The type of information that must be shown includes:

  • Reference number or code which may be the identification number of the animal, or group of animals, from which the animal is derived.
  • Member State of third country in which the animal or group of animals were born
  • The name of the Member State or third country in which the animal or group of animals were raised
  • Member State or third country of the slaughterhouse
  • License number of slaughterhouse
  • Member State or third country in which the cutting plant is located
  • License number of the cutting plant
Animals under 12 months of Age

In addition, meat from animals aged 12 months or less must be labelled with 2 additional indications i.e. to show meat from animals aged 8 months or less (veal), and meat from animals over 8 months but not more than 12 months (beef). Guidance for marketing of meat from animals under 12 months.