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NVZ Guidance for Farmers

NVZ Guidance CoverThe guidance pack " Guidelines For Farmers in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones" was distributed to all farmers and landowners in areas designated as NVZ in December 2008. This guidance pack replaced the guidance issued under the Action Programme for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (Scotland) 2003 which was itself replaced by the Action Programme for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (Scotland) 2008.

The guidance pack contains 9 booklets which detail the requirements of the Regulations, defined procedures for calculations and record keeping templates.

The Guidance Pack is no longer available in hard copy. Each booklet can be viewed individually below.


Booklet 1 - General Information
Booklet 2 - Summary of NVZ Action Programme Rules
Booklet 3 - Field Application of Nitrogen Fertiliser
Booklet 4 - Manure Planning Part - 1
Booklet 5 - Manure Planning Part - 2
Booklet 6 - Planning Nitrogen Use - Calculating Nmax for Arable Crops and Grassland
Booklet 7 - Record Keeping
Booklet 8 - Blank Tables
Booklet 9 - Nmax Standard Reference and Residue Groups

Further information

During Brian Pack’s review of 'red tape' for the Scottish Government, the documents below were identified as being very useful. So these are now available to farmers and land managers to aid their understanding of the NVZ Action Programme requirements that will be assessed at inspection.

NVZ inspector guidance
NVZ Inspector Checklist

RPID local area office contact details