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Common Agricultural Policy - Future CAP Stakeholder Group

Terms of reference

To offer advice and views to Scottish Government on the implications for Scotland of EC proposals for post 2013 CAP Reform. This will include offering views on Scottish priorities for CAP reform which emerge from the Pack Inquiry, wider discussion/consultation and from other analysis of the evidence base.

From time to time the group may decide that there is a need for sub groups (temporary technical working groups) to deal with specific issues. The group will decide on the membership and remit of any sub group which will report any results/findings back to the main Stakeholder Group for discussion.

Duration of Group and frequency of meetings

The Group is expected to operate for the duration of the European negotiations on CAP reform and the implementation phase of the new regulations that emerge from those negotiations.

It is envisaged that meetings should initially be held on a quarterly basis. Once negotiations in Europe begin, meetings maybe held on a more regular basis or as needs dictate.