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ARD Stakeholder Group

Terms of reference

To provide the Scottish Government with advice and views on priorities for shaping our agriculture, forestry and environment in the post-CAP era, which will support and strengthen Scotland’s rural economy.  To consider and offer the Scottish Government advice on potential future funding needs in the post-CAP era, including what form this should take to meet Scotland’s priorities for agriculture, forestry and the environment.  To monitor and provide the Scottish Government with feedback on issues related to existing CAP support, and offer views on other areas of its work that affect agriculture, forestry and the environment.

Membership of the Group will be kept under review to ensure it is appropriate to the task.

Duration of Group and Frequency of meetings

The Group is expected to operate at least until 2020, or until such time as post-CAP funding arrangements have been developed and implemented in Scotland. 

It is envisaged that alternating meetings and teleconferences will be held initially every 8 weeks.  This will be kept under review, and may revert to quarterly meetings, in due course, in consultation with the group.