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1. The background to the formation of the group

1.1 The notes in this section are based upon the points made in the first section of a paper entitled "Need for Liaision and Current Issues", which was prepared for the first meeting of the group, which was held on 27 June 1989. They have been updated to take account of the subsequent changes of name.

1.2 The group was established because there was a need for general liaison on road accident statistics for Scotland, covering both the "STAT 19" system and other statistical matters on road accidents. It was to meet periodically to discuss such statistical matters.

1.3 The group was set up to discuss any problems with the "STAT 19" system. One particular aim was to ensure that the information for Scotland flows smoothly to the main databases - within The Scottish Executive, the Transport Statistics branch's statistical database (covering all injury road accidents) and the Road Network Management and Maintenance Division's SERIS database (covering trunk road accidents); and the GB-wide injury road accidents database held by what is now the Department of Transport. The group could also consider aspects of police or local authority sources if that were required.

1.4 In addition to discussing the "STAT 19" system, it was hoped that the group would comment on improving other sources of information on road accidents, particularly on drink driving statistics, and provide feedback on the statistics published by The Scottish Executive in "Road Accidents Scotland" and its Statistical Bulletins.

2. Objectives of Group

2.1 The main objectives specified for the group were as follows:

  • To liaise on current Stat 19 system.
  • To examine any changes proposed by GB on Stat 19 system.
  • Consider any problems affecting the smooth updating of existing computer databases.
  • Review use of current published statistics on road accidents in Scotland.
  • Improve drunk driving statistics.

2.2 As the Scottish Executive statistician dealing with Road Accident statistics is also the statistician for transport statistics in Scotland, it was also stated that other transport statistics matters could be raised and discussed if there were sufficient general interest.

2.3. The objectives set out above were agreed at the first meeting of the group. There have been no subsequent amendments.