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Paper 27th June 2000 - LGRAS(00)7


1. Introduction

1.1 This paper outlines the present position on the STATS 19 returns for Scotland as a whole, and summarises the progress made for the year 2000. Included at the end of this paper is a summary of the returns received for the first four months of 2000. Members of the Group are invited to comment on these matters at the meeting, and to contact the Scottish Executive Transport Statistics branch regarding any subsequent developments or difficulties.

2. Contacts at Police and Councils

2.1 To improve and further develop communications between STATS 19 data suppliers and the Scottish Executive, Members of the Group are invited to supply Transport Statistics with their email addresses by sending an email to: transtat@scotland.gov.uk

3. Review of progress in recent months

3.1 At the LGRAS meeting on 24 April 1998, Members of the Group representing data suppliers agreed that every return (apart from the "December" return) should be made within 6 weeks of the end of the month to which the return relates. For example, the "January" return should be made by around 15th March, unless there were major unforeseen problems (such as those that arise from the conversion of computer systems). Because of the backlog which builds up over Christmas / New Year, it was agreed that the "December" return was an exception, and should be sent to the Scottish Executive by the end of February.

3.2 The attached table shows when the Road Accident statistics returns for January 2000 to April 2000 reached the Scottish Executive. (The table covers up to the "April" return because - in terms of the "6 weeks" agreement - May's return is not due until 10 July. However, we acknowledge, and are very grateful to, the two Police Forces which have already submitted May data.) As can be seen from the final column of the table, less than a third of the returns (28%) were made within the agreed timescale of 6 weeks of the end of the month to which they related. One Police Force has been making regular returns within a week of the end of the month, for which it should be congratulated .

3.3 Following the difficulties of making the Quinquennial Review changes to their software in 1999, some data suppliers are still experiencing significant problems. Some who were behind due to Quinquennial Review changes had problems meeting the Scottish Executive's request for all the 1999 returns to be made by the end of April. A few are significantly behind with their 2000 returns, and have yet to supply "January 2000" data. We appreciate that there have been particular problems in some cases, especially where the arrangements for supplying the data have changed. However, we trust that the bodies concerned will be able to resume making all their returns within the agreed "six weeks" timescale later in the year. Therefore, Members of the Group representing data suppliers are asked to confirm that their aim is to make their returns within the agreed timescale (which is described in paragraph 3.1.)

3.4 Inevitably, there were some queries on the "1999" data, and on "late returns" etc which were included in subsequent datasets. These did not delay the publication of "Key 1999 Road Accident Statistics", as its figures are identified as being provisional (and so may be subject to minor revisions) and the overall numbers of fatal and serious accidents in 1999 held by the Scottish Executive agreed sufficiently well with Police Forces' figures. However, in order to finalise the figures for the publication of "Road Accident Scotland 1999", any remaining minor discrepancies, queries and "soft errors" for accidents which occurred in 1999 will need to be resolved within the next few weeks. Therefore, Members of the Group representing data suppliers are asked to deal as quickly as possible with any points raised by the Scottish Executive on the 1999 data.

The supply of 'STATS 19' data to the Scottish Executive: from the datasets for "January 2000" to the datasets for "April 2000".
Number of weeks between the end of the month to which the dataset refers, and the Scottish Executive receiving the data (#)Number of datasets receivedCumulative number of datasets receivedPercentage of all datasets (whether or not the number of weeks is known)Cumulative percentage of all datasets (whether or not the number of weeks is known)
Total number of datasets received1341
Number of datasets for which the number of weeks is not yet known ($)195959
Total number of datasets due to be received32100100

( # ) e.g if a dataset for 'March 2000' were received around 4th May it would be recorded as having been received 5 weeks after the end of the month to which the dataset related.

($) i.e. datasets which had not yet been received by the time this table was prepared.