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From the Police Forces and Councils which send the data to the Scottish Executive:

NB: if some/all of the computing work is done for one of these bodies by another organisation, it is expected that the body which is represented on LGRAS will keep the other organisation informed.

  • Susan MacKenzie (Northern Police)
  • Marion Howieson (Northern Police)
  • Sergeant Michael Thompson (Grampian Police)
  • Constable Iain MacLelland (Grampian Police)
  • Mr Colin Bain (Grampian Police)
  • Chief Inspector Alexander Bowman (Tayside Police)
  • Ms Margaret Wilson (Tayside Police)
  • Mr Geoffrey Balshaw (Fife Police)
  • Mr Blyth Berwick (Fife Council)
  • Inspector Murray Dykes (Lothian & Borders Police, also representing ACPOS)
  • Mr Alan Murphy (Lothian & Borders Police)
  • Sergeant James Allan (Central Scotland Police)
  • Catherine Forsyth (Central Scotland Police)
  • Mr John Santarossa (Strathclyde Police)
  • Mr Christopher Cooper (Strathclyde Police)
  • Inspector William Graham (Dumfries & Galloway Police)
  • Ms Fiona Moffat (Dumfries & Galloway Police)

From users of the data:

  • Mr Andy Duff (Aberdeenshire Council; rep. Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland)
  • Mr Andrew Fraser (Central Scotland Roads AIU; pp Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling Councils)
  • Mr Hugh Logan (Highland Council)
  • Elizabeth Lumsden (RoSPA; also Secretary of the Scottish Accident Prevention Council)
  • Dr David McGuigan (Independent Consultant)
  • Dr Emma Fossey (HM Inspectorate of Constabulary)
  • Mr Graeme Paterson (WDM)
  • Mr Gary Patton (Edinburgh Council)
  • Prof. Steven Stradling, (Transport Research Institute, Napier University)

From the Scottish Executive:

  • Mr Hardi Devsi, CISD, AST (computer systems)
  • Mr Frank Dixon, Transport Statistician (Chairman)
  • Mr Andrew Knight, Transport Statistics branch (Secretary)
  • Mr Hugh McCafferty, Transport Scotland Trunk Roads Network Management
  • Sharon Glen, Social Research
  • Ms Debbie Hall, SE Safety Camera Partnership
  • Mr Nigel Pain, CISD AST (computer systems)
  • Mrs Ann Whatcott, Road Safety policy branch

From other organisations:

  • COSLA: represented by Mr Andy Duff: who also represents SCOTS (see above)
  • Department for Transport (observers):
  • Mrs Val Davies, Road Accident Statistician
  • Mr David Wilson, Database Manager

Additional distribution of LGRAS papers and minutes

The Scottish Executive will send copies of the papers for, and the minutes of, LGRAS meetings to its full list of Road Accident Statistics contacts.