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Paper 29th November 2004 - Action points


"Action Points" for Scottish Executive or Department for Transport


1.4.2 Provide updated note on Scottish Tourism "gains" and "losses" (expenditure within Scotland by non-Scots and expenditure outwith Scotland by Scots).

'Tourism Flows 2002 TTSAC' distributed to members on 17 December 2003.

1.4.3 Ask for quarterly rail and CalMac ferry passenger figures for inclusion in "Scottish Transport Review"

  • Strategic Rail Authority supplied figures to Mr Hart as requested (24 October 03)
  • Policy colleagues contacted CalMac, which agreed in princip le to provide quarterly figures. Contact details were passed to Mr Hart on 24 September 03, to allow him to discuss the level of detail required.

2.2 Publish bus patronage figures for regions of Scotland on the SE website before the publication of "Bus and Coach Statistics"

Done in February 2004 - see e-mail of 10 February 2004

5.3.5 Clarify how ferry "sailings" and "punctuality" targets take into account delays and cancellations due to safety reasons.

The formulas used for the targets will exclude sailings that were cancelled or delayed due to bad weather. Paul McCartney, a Transport Economist who was involved in the development of the target, can provide further information if required - his direct line is 0131 244 0883.

5.3.7 Look at S HS data on single occupancy vehicles for possible use as an indicator

Mr Hinchliffe provided article on single occupancy vehicles to Mr Hart for inclusion in the Autumn 2003 edition of Scottish Transport Review; car occupancy figures were published in Table 17 of SHS Travel Diary results for 2002 (May 2004); and charts have been included in the draft of the next edition of the "indicators" document.

5.7 Set up working group on "key statistics, targets and performance indicators"

Met in December 2003, and advised on possible changes for the next edition of the "indicators" document

8.2 Include tables on cross-border flows …

Tables on cross-border flows were included in the "2004" edition of "Scottish Transport Statistics" - see Summary Table S3 (which brings together some figures on cross-border passenger numbers and freight traffic from different chapters) and Table 12.21 (which uses data from the Transport Model for Scotland)

9.1 Provide Web link to the National Statistics Work Plan, once it is published.

Link sent to members on 11 February 2004.

11.2.4 Invite ot hers to join T&TSAC

In Sept/Oct 2003, wrote to the regional transport partnerships, Sustrans and the Vehicle and Operational Services Agency, inviting nominations for membership of the Committee, or offering the alternative of receiving papers.

HITRANS, Sustrans and WESTRANS joined; NESTRANS indicated that it would like to receive papers.

"Action Points" for non-SE/DfT members

4.1 Members to provide any comments on or questions arising from paper TTSAC (03) 3 on Scottish Executive Tourism Statistics to Mr Mors.

8.6 Members to provide any further comments on the publications listed in the Transport part of the SE Statistics Plan to Mr Dixon.