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Paper 29th November 2004 - TTSAC(04)9


1. Tourism Statistics Improvement Initiative

The Department for Culture Media and Sport with input from the Scottish Executive and others have completed this National Statistics Quality Review: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/methods_quality/quality_review/transport.asp. A full implementation of the Review is estimated to cost an additional £7 million to £8 million per annum. An implementation group is currently considering the options.

2. UK Tourism Survey

The data in 2003 has shown some surprising trends, only partially corroborated by other sources. Given that 80% of tourism expenditure comes from domestic tourists urgent work is required to restore confidence in the data: for 2005 the survey will run along current lines ; change is anticipated for 2006.

3. International Passenger Survey

ONS intend to start interviewing at Prestwick in early 2005. Discussions are underway with ONS to improve Scottish IPS statistics by developing a different grossing procedure.

4. Economic Impact of Tourism

Claire Boag and Catriona Hayes of the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser have published a provisional Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) for Scotland : http://www.scotland.gov.uk/library5/finance/ses04-04.asp. Similar work is being undertaken for Wales and the whole of the UK. Springing from this work will be a quarterly index of the economic impact of tourism as a sub series of the GDP index.

5. Characteristics of tourism industry employment

See http://www.scotland.gov.uk/library5/finance/ses04-30.asp

If you require any further information about any of the points covered in this paper you are invited to contact the author. Or, if they prefer, members of the Committee are welcome to raise at the meeting any points which they feel are likely to be of interest to others.

Gerhard Mors, Statistician, Scottish Executive

Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Department

gerhard.mors@scotland.gov.uk Tel: 0141 242 5488

From January 2005:

Sandra Campbell, Scottish Executive


29 October 2004