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Paper 16th September 2003 - TTSAC(03)8


1. When the Committee was formed, it took the remit for ScotStat committees that had been proposed in section 6.1 of the "ScotStat framework paper". This paper was among the material which was sent to those who were invited to be members of the Committee (Duncan Gray's letter of 2 July 2001). For those who do not have it, an electronic version of the paper is available at: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/stats/scotstat_framework.pdf

2. This remit is:

6.1.1 To identify the key strategic statistical information required by all interested parties, and to develop and implement a strategy for prioritising and meeting these needs while minimising, where possible, the burden on data suppliers and maintaining quality fit for purpose. This will involve:

  • Consideration of issues raised by the Board (including issues initially raised by the Statistics Commission).
  • Production of annual report for the Board covering:

- progress made, particularly on specific issues raised by the Board

- major developments, including details of how decisions regarding these were taken

- proposed work programme, including advice on priorities

  • Carrying out audits of existing relevant information, identifying gap areas etc
  • Commenting on relevant SE workplan(s).
  • Establishing and overseeing working groups, agreeing their work plans and reports.
  • Contributing to discussion/work on cross-cutting issues with other Committees

6.1.2 The Committees will decide on the establishment of working groups to cover particular areas and issues. They will set up leaders, remits, membership and reporting lines. The working group will generally, but not always, be short-lived, looking at specific areas, and may require sub-groups to be set up.

6.1.3 Working groups may also be set up by a combination of Committees or by the Board. This may be useful, for example, in tackling certain generic or cross-cutting issues.

6.1.4 A summary of the key points contained in minutes of meetings will be circulated to the Chairman/Depute Chairman of all other Committees. There will be joint responsibility to ensure that areas of joint interest between Committees are identified and addressed.

3. At its first meeting, Committee members were content to proceed on this basis for the time being, and it was agreed to review the remit in 6-12 months. At the second meeting, it was mentioned that the remit would be reviewed at the following meeting, but that was not done.

4. ScotStat committees can change their remits, and some have done so. It may be argued that the remit in paragraph 2 is rather long, includes "organisational" points, and does not describe what the Committee has done, or is likely to do for the foreseeable future.

5. The Committee is therefore invited to consider adopting a different remit. The following remit is suggested:

To advise on the needs for statistics about transport and travel, and on matters such as their collection and cost, development, meaning, quality and fitness for purpose, publication and other forms of release and use. The Committee will establish sub-groups, and liaise with other interested parties, where appropriate. It will operate within the ScotStat structure - for example: responding to issues raised by the ScotStat Board; reporting to the Board on its activities; and working with other ScotStat Committees, when appropriate.

6. Would members of the Committee prefer to:

  • retain the remit shown in paragraph 2;
  • modify it? - if so, how? ;
  • adopt the remit shown in paragraph 5?;
  • modify it? - if so, how?;
  • adopt a different remit? - if so, what?.

Members' views are invited.