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Paper 16th September 2003 - TTSAC(03)3

TTSAC (03) 3 - Developments in Tourism Statistics in Scotland - progress report

1. Ministerial Group on Tourism

An ad-hoc group of Ministers "to take a comprehensive look at Scottish Tourism expenditure and related services" was established on 13 May by the First Minister and the Depute First Minister. The group is expected to report in September.

2. Economic Impact of 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease

This study was commissioned by SE from Fraser of Allander Institute, Fraser of Allander Institute, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute and the Arkleton Centre for Rural Development Research. The final report was published on 29 July 2003.

3. Tourism Statistics Improvement Initiative

The Department for Culture Media and Sport and the Scottish Executive have appointed a consultant to undertake an 'map and gap' study of tourism statistics. As part of this Scotland will feed into the national report and a separate Scottish report pointing out any differences to the national picture will also be produced. The consultant to the review, Denis Allnutt, is currently collecting evidence from users of tourism statistics and members of the TTSAC are invited to comment. See attached letter. The report is expected in November2003.

4. Economic Impact of Tourism

Prof. Iain McNicoll of Strathclyde University has undertaken a study on the feasibility of establishing a Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) for Scotland. Similar work has been undertaken for Wales and there is a group looking at the feasibility of doing this for the UK. At a seminar in Cardiff on 10 September these studies and the way forward were discussed. A TSA provides a balanced picture of the impact of tourism demand on the economy and established which sectors are most dependent on tourism demand. The overall impact of Tourism expenditure on the economy can therefore be measured. Results depend crucially on the treatment of day trips.

If you require any further information about any of the points covered in this paper you are invited to contact the author. Or, if they prefer, members of the Committee are welcome to raise at the meeting any points which they feel are likely to be of interest to others.

Gerhard Mors, Statistician, Scottish Executive

Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Department

gerhard.mors@scotland.gov.uk Tel: 0141 242 5488

7 August 2003