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Paper 29th April 2002 - TTSAC(02)5



1. This paper describes National Statistics developments in Scotland since the last meeting of the Committee. Members are invited to note these and to comment as appropriate.


2. The Scotstat board met for the first time on 22 January and the creation of the Scotstat arrangements was announced in a press release by Rob Wishart, SE Chief Statistician, at the end of March. The minutes of the first board meeting will be published in the new Scotstat website at - www.scotland.gov.uk/stats/scotstats.asp .

3. At its first meeting the board:-

  • Confirmed its remit.
  • Identified the need for a clear map showing the responsibilities of each committee.
  • Noted the importance of keeping a watch on emerging cross-cutting issues.
  • Noted the importance of focusing on quality.
  • Asked that publicity be given to the Scotstat website and register.
  • Identified a number of issues for future board meetings, including specific aspects of neighbourhood statistics and of performance information.

4. Minutes and papers for Committees and the Board will be placed on the Scotstat website. The website has the facility for users to register with Scotstat and identify particular statistical topics in which they have an interest. Once registered a user can obtain a list of details (name/ Organisation/ Email address) of all users who have registered and given permission for this information to be shown. It is very straightforward to use the list to create an email mailing list.

5. At the request of the Scotstat Committee on Population and Migration a paper will be circulated to members - Census and Multi Source Topic Reports - seeking views on the need for additional Census tables for larger areas.

Scottish Statistics Plan: 2002-03

6. The Plan for 2002-03 is currently with Ministers for agreement. Upon agreement the Plan will be laid before the Scottish Parliament and made widely available via hardcopy and the Scottish Executive Website. Members of the Committee have been sent copies of the relevant section of the draft plan for information. Views on priorities for future statistics plans will be discussed as a separate agenda item.

National Statistics Code of Practice

7. On 11 March the Scottish Executive issued a consultation paper covering the National Statistics Code of Practice and a Protocol on Statistical Release Practices. Responses have been invited by 14 June. All members of all Scotstat committees have been alerted to the consultation and invited to submit comments.


April 2002