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Paper 20th October 2005 - Action points


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"Action Points" for Scottish Executive or Department for TransportOutcome

2.3 Add label to "car occupancy" charts to make clear that they relate to "total" occupancy


2.4 Consider whether moving averages would be useful/applicable

Not done yet. As mentioned in the e-mail of 3 Feb 05 to members, the Minister decided that the next edition of the progress indicators should be developed in the light of the National Transport Strategy and other reviews. Therefore, there is no point considering further the precise nature of some possible indicators until the Strategy etc have been developed further.

2.5 Rearrange charts with three modal shares together, followed by road deaths


2.6 Consider splitting "short journeys" graphs into car/bus and walking/cycling


2.9 Consult Planning Statistics regarding the possibility of an indicator relating land use and people's personal travel

As point 2.4 (above)

2.10 Convene an "indicators" subgroup meeting in late spring/early summer, once draft proposals have been prepared.

As point 2.4 (above)

3.2 Consider suggestions for ways of consulting users in any future reviews of "STS"

To be done before the next consultation with users (this year, staff vacancies have limited what we can do).

3.3 Consider any changes required to "STS" under National Statistics move towards "harmonisation"

We have yet to be informed of what may be optional and what may be required under "harmonisation".

3.6.1 Find out what information is available regarding crimes on public transport and consider the remit for any subgroup

Done. Paper T&TSAC(05) 1, sent to members on 24 March 05, described the information which is (or will become) available. The e-mail stated that there seemed no need to do more on this until (perhaps) the next meeting, when members can discuss the matter further, if they wish.

3.6.3 Find out what information might be available

regarding the use of selected new rail stations and re-opened lines

Done. Table 8.8 of "Scottish Transport Statistics 2005" shows the trends in passenger numbers at new/re-opened stations.

3.6.6 Develop an index for "STS"

Done. See pages 288-293 of "STS 2005".

4.2 Draft work plan and, in due course, report on progress and seek members' comments.

Done. In line with the ScotStat Board's timetable, a draft was prepared, sent to members for comments on 22 June 05, and subsequently put to the Board meeting in August.

5.3.5 Set up a sub group on "Accessibility"

Done. The sub-group met on 15 December 04, and helped the T&TSAC representative on the ScotStat Board to prepare a paper for the meeting in January.

6.2 Publish "regional" bus patronage figures on the web in advance of the publication of SE's bulletin

Done. See e-mail to members on 28 February 05

6.3 Liaise with SE/DfT web people regarding the websites that were not set up to guide the user back to the start of the document - See Action points for non-SE/DfT members below

No investigations required - see below.

"Action Points" for non-SE/DfT members

3.6.1 Inspector Dykes to find out what information is available regarding crimes on public transport

See point 3.6.1 (above)

4.1 Members to raise any points they wish to be raised at the ScotStat board meeting with Dr Connolly

No points were raised.

6.3 Dr Connolly to provide example of web page problem for SE/DfT

No such problems were encountered after the meeting, so there was nothing to report. It's assumed that Web site developments now prevent such problems arising.