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Paper 20th October 2005 - TTSAC-05-8

TTSAC(05)8 - Developments in Tourism Statistics in Scotland - progress report

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1. Tourism Statistics Improvement Initiative

The Department for Culture Media and Sport with input from the Scottish Executive and others published The National Statistics Review of Tourism Statistics on 28 June 2004:


An implementation plan was subsequently published on 23 December 2004:


The Tourism Review and Implementation Group (TRIG) published an Interim Report in June 2005:


A final report will be published before the end of 2005.

2. UK Tourism Survey (UKTS)

Following an extensive review of tourism data, UKTS has moved to a new methodology for measuring the volume and value of domestic overnight trips, namely face-to-face interviews instead of the previous random digit dialling telephone approach. TNS has been appointed to run the survey for the remainder of 2005 and for 2006-2010. Further details are given on the StarUK website via the following link http://www.staruk.org.uk//default.asp?ID=730&parentid=469 and in the TRIG Interim Report 2005 (see link above).

3. International Passenger Survey (IPS)

Prestwick has been included as a sampling point for the first time, from earlier this year. The change in interviewing points to include Prestwick has resulted in the Civil Aviation Authority passenger volume for Prestwick being included in the overall Scottish passenger volume estimates. Previously Prestwick was treated by ONS as a UK Residual Airport. In effect this means that the volume through Prestwick was combined with other UK-wide Residual Airports and allocated across the entire UK region. As a result, the new figures are a truer reflection of overall volume for Scotland.

The weblink to the full report which gives the most recent figures IPS for Quarter 1 2005 (for the period January to March 2005), published on 8 July 2005, is:


Figures for Quarter 2 2005 (for the period April to June 2005) are due to be published by the Office for National Statistics on 7 October 2005 on the National Statistics website.

Discussions are underway with ONS, including colleagues at VisitScotland and the General Register Office for Scotland (re migration interest) to improve Scottish IPS statistics by developing a different grossing procedure.

4. Economic Impact of Tourism

Claire Boag and Catriona Hayes of the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser (OCEA) in the Scottish Executive have published a provisional Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) for Scotland:

DCMS has now adopted TSA as its approach to national tourism data, and published the first UK Tourism TSA on its website in September 2004:

OCEA is also developing a quarterly index of the economic impact of tourism as a sub series of the GDP index. This experimental tourist expenditure related Gross Value Added (GVA) Index for Scotland shows growth in real terms in industries where tourists spend their money. This includes direct expenditure by overnight tourists only.

5. Characteristics of tourism industry employment

Scottish Economic Statistics 2004: Chapter 3 on industry sectors provides information on various sectors of the economy - agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, energy, construction, services and tourism which can be accessed via the following link:

Scottish Economic Statistics 2005 is due to be published in November 2005.

6. Tourism Strategy Refresh

The Executive shares the ambition of the tourism industry and VisitScotland to grow tourism revenue by 50% by 2015. A consultation exercise was held earlier this year ( http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2005/06/20112717/27216) and responses to this exercise were used to help refresh the tourism strategy for Scotland which intends to map out a vision for tourism in Scotland and actions for achieving the 50% growth ambition sustainably. A draft of the strategy will be unveiled by the Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport at the "Scotland United" tourism conference on 21 November 2005, with a final version expected early in 2006.

7. New research networks

i) Scottish Tourism Research Group - a joint research group is being set up which will meet for the first time on Monday 10 October 2005. The group will discuss research co-ordination between VisitScotland and the enterprise networks and will include representatives from these organisations as well as analytical and policy representatives from the Scottish Executive.

ii) ECSnet - an Evidence Network in Culture and Sport and related tourism (ECSnet) was set up earlier this year. The main aim of the network is to examine ways to build the evidence base for culture and sport and related tourism, and exchange knowledge and information on culture and sport research which will in turn assist in forward business and research planning and collaboration in this area. The strategic group at the core of ECSnet would comprise Scottish Executive and Local Authority funded commissioners of research (e.g. the Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs)) and SE analysts and policymakers in these areas.

8. Forthcoming research project - Investigation of the Travel Behaviour of Visitors to Scotland

A research project will shortly be commissioned by the Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Department of the Scottish Executive on the travel behaviour of visitors to Scotland. The results of this study, which are due to be reported in Spring 2006, will contribute to our understanding of tourist travel within Scotland and could inform future developments of Scotland's transport policy with the aim of providing a transport system which is suitable for tourists' requirements. This will include providing better access to leisure and tourism facilities in Scotland whilst restricting the environmental impacts of tourist travel at the destination.

Action: Members of the TTSAC are asked to contribute to the evidence base on the travel behaviour of visitors to Scotland by considering any relevant research findings or on-going research which is known to them which might help inform our understanding in this area.

Any contributions, in terms of links to relevant documents or contact details of individuals working in this area etc, would be greatly appreciated and should be sent to Sandra Campbell (either via email: sandra.campbell@scotland.gsi.gov.uk or to the address given below) by Monday 31 October 2005.

9. Tourism Bill

Tourism is Everyone's Business: A consultation on the Tourism (Scotland) Bill. The consultation period runs from 5 September 2005 to 3 December 2005 after which Scottish Ministers will consider what changes should be made to the draft Bill before it is introduced to the Scottish Parliament. It is anticipated that the Bill will be introduced to the Scottish Parliament in March 2006. The publication is available via the internet at www.scotland.gov.uk/tourismbill.

If you require any further information about any of the points covered in this paper you are invited to contact the author. Or, if they prefer, members of the Committee are welcome to raise at the meeting any points which they feel are likely to be of interest to others.

Sandra Campbell, Statistician, Scottish Executive

Education Department, Information and Analytical Services, Tourism, Culture and Sport, Analytical Services Unit

Sandra.campbell@scotland.gov.uk Tel.: 0131 244 3745

October 2005