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Agenda 20th October 2005

Meeting on Thursday 20th October 2005: 10.45 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Room 1.10, first floor, Napier University, Sighthill Campus, Sighthill Court, Edinburgh EH11 4BN

NB: tea / coffee available from 10.20 buffet lunch: 1.00 to 1.30

NB: the Napier TRI / TSUG seminar starts at 1.40 - if you wish to attend that, please register with Louise Leiper of Napier TRI - see the e-mail of 14 September 2005.

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Agenda Item



Apologies, Minutes of the Previous Meeting, and

Matters Arising not covered elsewhere

- minutes distrib. 17 Jan 05

- "action points" note encl.


Informing and Monitoring the National Transport Strategy

TTSAC (05) 2 - to follow


Developing SE Transport Statistics publications and other outputs

TTSAC (05) 3


T&TSAC-related ScotStat news

(no paper)


The Transport part of the SE Statistics Plan

TTSAC (05) 4

Subsequent papers are principally "for information"- but can be discussed, if time permits


Recent developments in DfT Transport statistics

TTSAC (05) 5 - to follow


Scottish Household Survey developments

TTSAC (05) 6


Other recent and forthcoming developments in SE Transport statistics

TTSAC (05) 7


Developments in Tourism Statistics in Scotland

TTSAC (05) 8 - to follow


Any other business and

Date of next meeting - should this be in Autumn 2006, if it is likely that there will be a TRI / TSUG seminar then?

(no paper)

Mairi MacAskill,

Secretary T&TSAC

Transport Statistics branch, Scottish Executive,

Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ

tel: 0131-244-1457 FAX: 0131-244-0888

29 September 2005