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SNS MDAG: Paper 05 (06) 4 February 2005

Measuring Deprivation Advisory Group

Social Focus on Deprived Areas by Life-stage 2005


  1. The Social Focus on Deprived Areas (to be published July 2005) will be a statistical compendium bringing together a range of socio-economic statistics to compare the outcomes of people living in the most deprived areas (as defined by the SIMD2004) with those for the whole of Scotland. The report will focus on outcomes for those living in the most deprived 15% of data zones compared with the Scottish average. The report will also focus on children and young people; working age; and older people and explore the socio-economic issues facing these groups living in deprived areas. This will be consistent with a life stages approach.
  2. The plan is for the Social Focus to include chapters on the main results of the SIMD 2004, demography, neighbourhoods, children and young people, pensioners, and working age. The topics to be included cover demography, neighbourhoods, health, education, labour market, income and housing.
  3. Where possible time series will be included. However, time series analysis is likely to be restricted to survey data because historic population denominators for the new SIMD geography will not be available until Autumn 2005.
  4. The report will provide numerous benefits. It will bring together information about the most deprived 15% of data zones in a single accessible source to help develop policy. It will also provide evidence to help develop better services in Scotland's most deprived areas; and provide important contextual background for a range of national and local targets. The report will make extensive use of Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics data.
  5. The Social Focus series is aimed at non-technical audience and makes extensive use of charts. Glossy hardcopy and internet versions are made available. This publication will be the latest in the Social Focus series from the Scottish Executive. Previous reports in this series have covered such issues as gender, urban and rural, and disability. These are well respected and have informed debate on inequality both within and outwith the Executive. Such publications can also provide a useful benchmark for future comparison.

Office of the Chief Statistician

January 2005