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SNS MDAG: Paper 05 (03) 4 February 2005

Measuring Deprivation Advisory Group

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) 2004

  1. The SIMD 2004 was released in June 2004 and is the Executive's official measure of area based multiple deprivation. The Scottish Executive and Community Planning Partnerships have a clear policy use for the SIMD and it is being used to inform and develop national and local policies for tackling area regeneration and inequality. The index is the basis for allocating the new Community Regeneration Fund; it is being used to identify local areas for which Community Planning Partnerships are developing Regeneration Outcome Agreements to tackle area deprivation. It is also being used to define areas for some of the Closing the Opportunity Gap targets.
  2. In addition, it has been used as one element of the Supporting People allocation from 2005-06; and as an indicator of need for resources in the Grant Aided Expenditure (GAE) allocation to local authorities for street cleaning from 2006/07.
  3. The Office of the Chief Statistician (OCS) is working to promote good practice in the use of the SIMD. Through its recently published guidance leaflet (, internal seminars and participation in community planning roadshows across Scotland, OCS has tried to publicise how the index should and should not be used. The SIMD is relevant to polices and funding wholly or partly aimed at tackling or taking account of concentrations of multiple deprivation.
  4. Working group members are invited to comment on the work to encourage good practice in the use of the SIMD. In particular, suggestions for further dissemination and reports of known uses of the SIMD would be welcomed.

Office of the Chief Statistician

January 2005