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SNS MDAG: Paper 05 (01) 4 February 2005

Measuring Deprivation Advisory group



1. Views are welcome on the draft remit for the Measuring Deprivation Advisory Group.

2. The Office of the Chief Statistician (OCS) work on measuring deprivation in Scotland and in particular the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) which was released earlier this year was assisted by a SIMD Working Group that provided useful insight in to the needs of users, the wider developments in the measurement of deprivation, and has disseminated information about our deprivation work to others.

3. With the long term strategy for measuring deprivation now in place, there continues to be an important role for advisory group to play.


The Advisory Group will provide the OCS advice on measuring deprivation as it works to implement the long term strategy for measuring deprivation. Advice will cover:

· the needs of users

· development priorities;

· methodological options;

· quality of outputs;

· dissemination and guidance on the use of outputs.

The OCS put forward proposals for combining the Scotstat Social and Welfare committee and Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics Development group into one new Corporate Committee. The proposal is for the Deprivation Advisory Group to report to the new group.

The group is not a decision making group.

Members of the group have been selected to cover a wide range of policy areas and include policy officials, analysts and practitioners.

The OCS will chair the group and provide secretariat. Advisory group papers will be posted on the Scottish Executive website.

The group will meet at approximately six monthly intervals, and will make use of electronic correspondence as necessary.


Travel expenses for attending advisory group meeting will be met by OCS.