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Paper 28th April 2003 - BESAC(03)5



1. The housing statistics division of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) are producing a report bringing together census data on housing and households, with data from a number of other survey and administrative sources. This paper outlines the contribution the Scottish Executive's housing statistics branch has made. Members are invited to note the contribution.


2. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) are coordinating a number of 'Multi Source Topic Reports', bringing together data from the 2001 Census and other sources. These reports will add considerable value to the basic census tables, providing commentary, charts and maps where appropriate. The ODPM is producing the report on housing and households.

3. They plan to publish an initial short bulletin in the middle of May, which will consist of basic census data and comparisons. This will cover data such as tenure, household composition, accommodation type and amenities taken from the census key statistics tables.

4. They plan to publish a longer more in-depth report near the end of 2003. This will be in 3 sections. The first will be an expansion of the bulletin but will look at more complex tabulations, for example tenure by ethnic group. The second section will be a comparison of the Census with other sources and an attempt to reconcile the differences and produce the 'best' estimates and preferred sources. It will also look at changes over time. The third section will cover other main housing data, which may not be covered in the Census. This could include homelessness, housing benefit, right to buy and house prices.

Scottish Contribution

5. We were asked to provide Scottish data from alternate sources for comparison with the Census on the following:

  • Number of households
  • Mean household size
  • Rooms per household
  • Household composition
  • Vacant household spaces
  • Second/holiday homes
  • Accommodation type
  • Tenure
  • Central heating
  • Floor level

6. The accompanying spreadsheet, Annexe A, shows our contribution using survey and administrative sources.

The Scottish Executive

April 2003