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Paper 21st November 2002 - BESAC(02)17



1.1 At the August BESAC Meeting it was confirmed that there was over-lap of representation with some of the other key Advisory Committees e.g. PAMS, Natural Environment. There was however no knowledge of any potential relationships/inputs with

  • Health and Care
  • Social and Welfare

Alan Campbell (COSLA) agreed to investigate and report back. This was done by using the SCOTSTAT website pages, the Scottish Statistical Plan and direct contact with members of the groups.

Health and Care

2.1 When you go on the SCOTSTAT website under Health and Care, you can go in two directions.

2.2 Firstly, straight through to the ISD service-led Steering Group. Their membership is currently very heavily towards Director/Chief Executives of NHS Trust with two Local Authority Chief Executives. There is reference, however, to "extending the membership to include reps from PAMS/Nursing profession, Local Authorities, Planning, Information and Finance". The remit is hard to pin down, "to involve NHS Scotland in determining, setting and monitoring the priorities and objectives for ISD". In recent/current work the group is looking at Service Level Agreements, implementation audit, fitness for purpose of statistical returns and the Health domain within Neighbourhood Statistics.

2.3 From the main Health and Care site, you can go down to Social Work Statistical Liaison Group. This is a long standing successful group from the days of SLC. Very active across several sub-groups particularly in case of Children's Services, Community Care and criminal justice. It is heavily populated by Local Authorities with Sandy Stewart representing Scottish Executive. It is currently looking at monitoring of free personal care, the normal reviews of social work forms, key statistics, care home census etc. It does not seem to have an obvious reporting line through Health and Care to the SCOTSTAT Board.

Social and Welfare

3.1 The main activities of this group can be classified into five main headings:

  • Social justice (SIPS, Deprivation)
  • Equality (Household income, disability)
  • Scottish Household Survey
  • Income and Wealth (links to DWP data)
  • Rural poverty

4.1 None of these groups showed a relationship with BESAC on the master SCOTSTAT matrix but there is obviously some potential crossover through such areas as:

Supporting People

Social Justice

Scottish Household Survey, especially household income 5 Recommendations

1. On the basis of this albeit brief scan, it is not recommended that we essentially need to have a member of each of these groups on BESAC. What could happen would be for Alan Campbell to use his formal Local Authority Network (i.e. both in terms of meetings and electronic network of all those employed by Local Authorities currently on SCOTSTAT Advisory Committees) to keep lines of communication open with both SWSLG (via Amanda Roe of Aberdeenshire Housing and Social Work) and Social and Welfare (via Barbara Knowles of Falkirk Corporate and Commercial Services).

Alan Campbell

Aberdeenshire Council

(Representing COSLA on BESAC) Date: 14 October 2002