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Agenda 28th August 2002

Meeting: Wednesday August 28th, 14:00-17:00

Conference Room 2, Victoria Quay , Edinburgh


1. Introduction & the minutes of last meeting

2. Follow-up to SCOTSTAT board meeting: 26 June - Paper BESAC(02)01

3. National Statistics:

(a) Background - Paper BESAC(02)10

(b) Release Practices - Paper BESAC(02)11

(c) NS reviews - Paper BESAC(02)12

(d) SE stats plan - Paper BESAC(02)13

(e) BESAC work plan - Paper BESAC(02)14

4. UK Natural and Built Environment Group and Housing Statistics Users Group

5. Overview of Information Needs and Drivers - No Paper

6. Review of all Data on Built Environment:

Proposed template for recording sources - Paper BESAC(02)02

7. Sub-Groups:

(a) Need for a Right To Buy sales sub group - Paper BESAC(02)03

(b) Monitoring Scottish Executive housing statistics returns sub group - Paper BESAC(02)04

(c) Dissemination of housing statistics - Paper BESAC(02)05

(d) Household estimates and projections and Household Analyses Review Group (HARG) Progress Note - Paper BESAC(02)07

(e) Homelessness statistics user group and publication - Paper BESAC(02)08

(f) Vacant and Derelict Land Survey Working Group Update

8. Neighbourhood statistics, strategy and progress - Paper BESAC(02)09

9. Population Census - Paper BESAC(02)06

10. Matters arising from last meeting (including membership) not already covered

11. Any Other Business

12. Set Date of Next Meeting