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Please find below all meeting documentation for the Scottish Population Surveys Co-ordinating Committee.

Date Agenda Minutes


14 Nov 2013 View Minutes

Response Rates (Paper 13/03)

Surveys Update (Tabled at the meeting)

Pooled Sample Update (Tabled at the meeting)

23 Jan 2013 View Minutes

Delivery Plan Update (Paper 13/01)

Dissemination of Pooled Survey Data (Paper 13/02)

2nd Feb 2012 View Minutes

Review of the Long Term Strategy for Population Surveys in Scotland (Paper 12/01)

Centralised Weighting Project (Paper 12/03)

Addendum to Scottish Government Population Survey Response Rates (Addendum to Paper 10/08 - circulated after the meeting)

Data Linkage Presentation (Powerpoint Presentation)

13th June 2011 View Minutes

Scottish Government Population Surveys Update (Paper 11/01)

Questions finalised since last meeting (Paper 11/03)

Crime topic change (Paper 11/04)

Consent Forms and Permission Statements (Paper 11/05)

Co-ordination Issues for the Integrated Household Survey with Scottish Pooled Samples (Paper 11/06)

ONS Integrated Household Survey (paper 11/07 - tabled at meeting)

March 2011    

To keep members informed the paper below provides an update on delivery of the Long Term Strategy for Population Surveys in Scotland 2009 - 2019. The next meeting of the SPSCC will be in June.

15th October 2010 View Minutes

First Release of the Integrated Household Survey (Paper SPSCC/10/11)

Centralised Sampling Progress Report (Paper SPSCC/10/12)

Core Question Review (Paper SPSCC/10/13)

The Future of Population Surveys within Scotttish Government (Paper SPSCC/10/14)

26th May 2010 View View

Update from ONS' Social Survey Division (Paper SPSCC/10/07)

Scottish Government Population Survey Response Rates (Paper SPSCC/10/08)

A Review of Methods in Survey Design to Improve Response Rates (Background Paper)

Centralised or Co-ordinated Sampling (Paper SPSCC/10/09)

Core Question Review Progress Report (Paper SPSCC/10/10)

11th March 2010 View Minutes

Update on the Integrated Household Survey (Paper SPSCC/10/01)

Core Question Review (Paper SPSCC/10/02)

Centralised Sampling Feasibility Report (Paper SPSCC/10/04)

Clustering in the Scottish Household Survey (Paper SPSCC/10/05)

Scottish Household Survey Review - progress report (Paper SPSCC/10/06)

November 2009    

The November meeting of the Scottish Population Surveys Co-ordianting Committee has been postponed until March 2010.

To keep members informed the paper below outlines the main elements of the Long Term Strategy for Population Surveys in Scotland 2009 - 2019 that are currently being progressed.

8th July 2009 View View
28th May 2009 View View
15th October 2008 View View
13th November 2007 View View
18th April 2007 View View
30th October 2006 View View
22nd June 2006 View View
26th January 2006 View View
14th October 2005 View View
27th January 2005 View View

Earlier Papers

Date Papers
5th September 2002