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The Scottish Population Surveys Co-ordinating Committee (SPSCC) is the strategic group tasked with delivery of the Long Term Strategy for Population Surveys in Scotland 2009 - 2019.

The remit and membership of the SPSCC is given below. Minutes and papers of all meetings.


  • To provide a strategic overview of population surveys in Scotland
  • To ensure the Long Term Strategy for Population Surveys in Scotland 2009 - 2019 meets its two strategic aims:
  • To ensure that the Scottish Government's population surveys meet key information needs while maximising the analytical potential of the data they generate, the precision of estimates and value for money.
  • To give full consideration to issues of survey participation, respondent burden, data quality and data security and to make recommendations that align survey practice across Government and promote good practice to other public bodies.
  • To advise on, oversee and monitor the Long Term Strategy Delivery Plan to be taken forward by the Scottish Population Surveys Working Group (SPSWG).
  • To agree guidance, procedures and processes, drafted by the SPSWG, and ensure these are adopted by Scottish Government population surveys.
  • To arrange and organise the resources necessary to deliver the Long Term Strategy.
  • To ensure the Long Term Strategy is delivered in a co-ordinated manner with other strategies, policies and projects in the Scottish public sector.
  • To provide a strategic overview of population survey activity within Scotland and ensure Scottish Government surveys are planned and conducted in line with the Long Term Strategy.
  • To review and consider updating the Long Term Strategy every two years to ensure that it remains relevant.
  • To identify topics for the Longitudinal Research Analysts Network (LRAN) to consider and communicate those topics to LRAN.
  • To consider any other population survey issues across Scotland not covered in the Long Term Strategy as and when they emerge and make recommendations on these issues as appropriate.

Note: 'Population surveys' covers all surveys that collect information from private individuals or households, it excludes business and school surveys.


Permanent Members



Roger Halliday (joint chair)

Chief Statistician

Zoe Ferguson

Chief Researcher

Julie Landsberg


Michael Davidson

Survey Harmonisation Co-ordinator

Kirsty MacLachlan

General Register Office for Scotland Representative

Mark McAteer

Local Government Improvement Service Representative

Ed Dunn

Office for National Statistics, Social Survey Unit


Longitudinal Research Analysts Network Representative

Gerard McCartney

National Health Service Representative

Susan McVie

Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research


Guest Members




Survey Managers Network Representative

The SPSCC is supported by the Scottish Population Survey Working Group

If you have any queries or would like to raise any survey issues with the Office of the Chief Statistician and/or the Population Surveys Co-ordinating Committee, please phone the Survey Methodology and Co-ordination team on 0131 244 3339.