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ScotStat Guidance ScotStat

This guidance relates to making use of the ScotStat Register which allows correspondence between ScotStat members.

How to contact members who have agreed to share their details

Through the ScotStat website, any member can query the database to find contact details for those members who have agreed to share their details. Log on to the site and perform a search using your chosen parameters. Once the search is done, other members can be contacted by three means. These are outlined below.

Firstly, the results-page presents a 3-column table displaying the names, organisations and e-mail addresses of members who agreed to share their information. Individual members can be selected and contacted using the information contained in the table.1.

Secondly, at the bottom of the results-page, you can download the results - of those who agreed to share their information - as a comma-separated (csv) file, which can be imported into a spreadsheet application i.e. Excel. This would enable you to start your own distribution list or add the members to an existing one.

Thirdly, at the bottom of the table, there is an e-mail list - of those who agreed to share their information - which must be copied and pasted in the 'BCC' field of an email, entering 'ScotStat' in the 'TO' field. This is the most common way of using the register; all members you have selected through your search can then be contacted by following the steps below:

  • Copy the e-mail addresses using the button provided.
  • Open a new e-mail andpaste the e-mail addresses into the BCC field. It is important that you do not paste addresses into the 'TO' field in order to keep e-mail addresses anonymous. Whilst some users are happy for us to share their details, others are not and we have promised not to disclose their details to a third party. Failure to do this could result in legal action.
  • Copy the standard e-mail wording using the button provided and paste this into your e-mail. Edit as required and send.
How to contact ALL SCOTSTAT registered members, including those who DO NOT wish to share their details

Should you wish to consult all users in a certain domain/area or in several domains/areas and you are not a ScotStat administrator, you should e-mail the ScotStat Mailbox with your query and the administrator will send it out on your behalf.

The following details should be included in the e-mail you send to the ScotStat Mailbox :

1. Subject title

2. Group(s) the message is to be sent to

3. The name and e-mail of the person whom any responses should be forwarded to

4. Your message


If you receive any returned mail receipts, please send details to the ScotStat Mailbox. The administrator will endeavour to amend the incorrect email address(es).

If you have any queries about this guidance or ScotStat, send them to the ScotStat Mailbox .