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ScotStat Data Linkage Conference

ScotStat Data Linkage Conference

Monday 26 March 2012
COSLA, Verity House, 19 Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh EH12 5BH

Data linkage is the joining of two or more administrative or survey datasets to greatly increase the power of analysis then possible with the data. This conference was concerned exclusively with data linkage for research and statistical purposes.  

The aim of this conference was to inform users and producers of Scottish statistics about data linkage activity that is underway or planned, encourage debate, listen to views and help share ideas.



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A Data Linkage Framework for Scotland   Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Sara Grainger

The consultation paper on the aims and principles of the framework can be accessed at


Statistician, Office of the Chief Statistician + Performance, Scottish Government


Proportionate Information Governance: Reducing burden without diluting scrutinyAdobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Graeme Laurie

Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh, Chairman of the Privacy Advisory Committee for Scotland and lead on the "Governance" Core Programme for SHIP (Scottish Health Informatics Programme)


Sharing Information – Conforming to the ICO Code of PracticeAdobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Ken Macdonald

Assistant Information Commissioner for Scotland and Northern Ireland.




Morning Breakout Workshops




Understanding criminal careers in Scotland: Linking self-reported offending and criminal convictions dataAdobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Susan McVie

Professor of Quantitative Criminology in the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh


Children’s Service: making better use of routinely collected data to support service planning, delivery and evaluation. Opportunities, barriers and gaps.Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Janice McGhee

Senior Lecturer in Social Work in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh.


Coffee + Afternoon Breakout Workshops


Involving the public through research and engagement  Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Sarah Cunningham-Burley

Professor of Medical and Family Sociology in the Division of Community Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh and lead on the "Public Engagement" Core Programme for SHIP


Next steps and Ask the PanelAdobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Chaired by Roger Halliday

Chief Statistician, Scottish Government

This session will be an opportunity to reflect on the issues raised through-out the conference and ask questions of Roger Halliday, Graeme Laurie, Sarah Cunningham-Burley and Ken Macdonald.





Morning break-out workshops


M1   Individual referencing systems Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Anthea Springbett (NHS Information Services Division)

M2   Making data linkable: The ScotXed Story    Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Albert King (ScotXed, Scottish Government)

M3   An Introduction to the Scottish Longitudinal Study Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Gillian Raab (University of St Andrews)

M4   Linkages between the Scottish Health Survey and administrative data Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Lisa Given (ScotCen Social Research) and Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Iain Atherton (University of Stirling, Highland Campus)

M5   Probabilistic and Deterministic methods of record linkage Adobe Acrobat (pdf) IconAdobe Acrobat (pdf) IconAdobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Stephen Sharp and Muriel Douglas (National Records Scotland)


Afternoon break-out workshops


A1   SHIP, SAIL and ScotXed logistical models Adobe Acrobat (pdf) IconAdobe Acrobat (pdf) IconAdobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Violet Warwick (SHIP) + Albert King (ScotXed) + David Ford (SAIL)


A2   Best practice in Privacy Impact Assessment Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Maureen Falconer (Information Commissioners Office)

A3   Data integration - the future for population statistics? Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Kirsty MacLachlan (National Records Scotland)

A4   Setting up a cross sectoral data linkage project – experiences so far from the ‘Linking social care, housing support & health data’ projectAdobe Acrobat (pdf) Icon

Ellen Lynch (Health Analytical Services, Scottish Government) + Anthea Springbett (ISD)

A5   Safeguarding children in the community – exploring the potential of routinely collected data to explore outcomes for children.

Janice McGhee (University of Edinburgh) + Gary Sutton (Scottish Government)

For queries about the presentations or the Scotland-wide Data Linkage Framework, contact Sara.Grainger@Scotland.gsi.gov.uk