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Data Linkage Framework Consultation

The consultation on the aims and principles of a Scotland-wide Data Linkage Framework was launched at the ScotStat Conference in March 2012.

Presentations from the ScotStat Conference, March 2012


The consultation had two main parts:

1. A written stakeholder consultation exercise. This was carried out by Scottish Government officials, and ran from March 26 to 15 June. The aim was to elicit views from stakeholder organisations on the aims of a data linkage framework, the benefits and barriers to data linkage activity, and a draft set of Guiding Principles.

The consultation paper is available at

The responses received can be seen at

And the analysis of the responses is at

2. A series of public deliberative events. This work was carried out by Ipsos MORI in partnership with Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley and Dr Claudia Pagliari from the Centre for Population Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. The overall aim was to explore the acceptability of linking personal data for statistical and research purposes, thereby identifying particular sensitivities and exploring mechanisms for overcoming concerns.

A report of this research is available at


Follow on research is being undertaken to further explore public acceptability of data linkage. Results are expected to be published later this year.