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Related Areas

  • ScotStat Measuring Deprivation Advisory Group The Scotstat Measuring Deprivation Advisory Group provides the Office of the Chief Statistician with advice on measuring deprivation as it works to implement the long term strategy for measuring deprivation in Scotland.
  • Social and Welfare Statistics Covers a broad range of subjects including statistics on: social justice, households, families and individuals, income and welfare, and equality.
  • Corporate Policy Statement of Confidentiality Outlines the steps taken by Scottish Government Statisticians to ensure that information collected for statistical purposes (such as the production and publiation of the SIMD) maintains respondents' confidentiality at all times.

Links to websites other than the Scottish Government - Updated 08/11/11

Measuring deprivation across the United Kingdom

  • Indices of deprivation across the UK An overview, by the Office for National Statistics, describing the similarities and differences between the Indices of Deprivation across the United Kingdom.
  • Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation The Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation 2011 (WIMD) is the official measure of deprivation for small areas in Wales.
  • English Indices of Deprivation The Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010 combines a number of indicators, chosen to cover a range of economic, social and housing issues, into a single deprivation score for each small area in England.