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Background Data 2009

Overall SIMD 2009 and individual domains

The following spreadsheet files contain the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) 2009 scores and ranks, along with indicator data for each domain where available.

The SIMD 2009 is presented at datazone level and for each datazone, information is provided on:

  • the Local Authority it belongs to;

  • total population based on the 2007 small area population estimates;

  • working age population based on the 2007 small area population estimates;

  • score on SIMD 2009;

  • rank on SIMD 2009 (the datazone with a rank of 1 is most deprived and 6,505 is least deprived)

  • score/rate and rank on each of the individual domains;

  • the number of people who are income or employment deprived.

Please note, when providing Scottish Government with tax credit data for SIMD 2009, HMRC mistakenly included adults and children in benefit households who also receive money through the tax credit system, resulting in some double counting of income deprived people. This was corrected and the opportunity was taken to update the SIMD 2009 income domain further. Further information can be found on the News page, under 20/07/10.

The income domain of SIMD 2009 and the overall SIMD 2009 ranks were revised to give SIMD 2009 Version 2 and the SIMD 2009 Income Domain Version 2. The rest of the SIMD 2009 and previous versions of the index are unaffected.

Spreadsheet files