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If you are using these statistics, we would be especially interested to know more and to get your views on their quality.

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Scottish House Condition Survey - Data being developed

Data being developed

All statistics contained in this area of the website are classed as data being developed. They are initial results of a testing phase and are not fully developed. It is important that users clearly understand the status of these series and the cautions that apply.

Limitations of use of statistics categorised as Data Being Developed

  • Statistics that are not deemed fit for general use may be released to expert users for peer review purposes if appropriate. All such statistics will be published on the website as "data being developed".
  • These statistics will not be the subject of media releases.
  • They will be released with a clear statement of why they are being released and the limits on their use.
  • They will not be pre-announced through the formal National Statistics process.
  • Expert users will be kept well informed about the development of data being developed.
  • These statistics are liable to be revised on an ad-hoc basis as methods and data sources are developed. Full details of any changes, and a version control system, will be made available to users on this webpage.
  • These statistics are provided to users as a light-touch consultation process. We would be grateful for any informed feedback from potential users.

Updated Fuel Poverty Estimates

Estimates of Fuel Poverty at local authority level are currently based upon three years survey data, currently 2008, 2009 and 2010. Although the housing stock overall does not change rapidly measures based on fuel prices do and so our figures, which centre on July 2009, are considered to provide an out-of-date estimate of fuel poverty. Therefore we have developed a method to update the figures.

Updated Fuel Poverty Estimates 2011

How to use these statistics

Figures may be used for research or modelling purposes on the understanding that the statistics are not "official" as outlined above. Please quote the Source: 'SHCS Data Being Developed' together with the release date (November 2011 in this instance).

For any further advice on their use, please contact the SHCS team (Dave Cormack, or Susan Walker).