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Scottish House Condition Survey - 2011 Technical Report


The SHCS 2011 Technical Report covers fieldwork for the 2011 sample.  The report outlines the sample structure and design, as well as the procedures for conducting the social survey and physical survey fieldwork components.  Details of the fieldwork outcomes of both the social and physical fieldwork are covered giving details on issues such the survye response rate.  An overview of the data processing and validation routines are provided, as well as details on the weighting approach.

For previous technical reports, please see the Reports and Documentation page.


Downloadable document:

Title:Scottish House Condition Survey - 2011 Technical Report
Description:SHCS 2011 Technical Report covering fieldwork conducted in 2011
File:SHCS 2011 Technical Report [PDF, 720.8 kb: 11 Dec 2012]
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