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Methodology Notes

The purpose of this document is to provide information on the definition and methods of derivation of key indicators measured through the Scottish House Condition Survey which apply to the reporting of 2013 data, Key Findings from 2013 and the Local Authority Tables for 2011-2013.

One of the key outputs from the survey is a range of measures of the energy efficiency of the housing stock, carbon emissions and fuel poverty. The methodology that underpins these estimates was updated for the 2013 report resulting in substantial changes to key indicators. This document provides information about the methodological change and an analysis of the impact it has made. Discussion relating to energy modelling outputs and methodology incorporates contributions from BRE.

Additional background and explanatory information is also included in relation to the derivation of the fuel poverty indicator, the assessment of compliance with SHQS, the derivation of summary measures relating to disrepair, and the derivation of the indicator of gas network coverage.

Methodology Notes: SHCS Key Findings 2013

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Title:Methodology Notes: SHCS Key Findings 2013
Description:This document provides details of improvements made for the 2013 Key Findings Report, including changes to the SHCS energy modelling methodology, and the effects on key indicators.
File:Methodology notes 2013 [PDF, 819.0 kb: 09 Dec 2014]
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