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Scottish House Condition SurveyScottish House Condition Survey

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February 2018

Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS)         Users Feedback

The SHCS team are seeking views on their 2016 publications and on the future SHCS reporting.

Please give us your feedback by completing this short survey

Scottish House Condition Survey

The Scottish House Condition Survey Local Authority tables from data years 2014-2016 were published on Tuesday 27th February 2018, along with routine updates and minor revisions applied to historical datasets.


February 2017

Scottish House Condition Survey

The Scottish House Condition Survey Local Authority tables from data years 2013-2015 were published on Tuesday 28th February 2017.


January 2017

Scottish Household Survey question review  The questions in the Scottish Household Survey, which also contains the Scottish House Condition Survey social interview questions, are now being reviewed. See News page


December 2016 

Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS): Key Findings Report 2015

The 2015 SHCS Key Findings Report was published on Tuesday 6th December 2016 and is available at this link.

The Local Authority tables for the period 2013-2015 will be released before the end of February 2017.



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Scottish House Condition Survey

Scottish House Condition Survey

This is the largest single housing research project in Scotland, and the only national survey to look at the physical condition of Scotland's homes as well as the experiences of householders.

Fieldwork: The survey fieldwork runs from January to December each year, with the survey now an integrated component of the Scottish Household Survey.

Statistics: The latest survey report is available in the Reports and Documentation section.

Further Information

The following information is available within this website:

Summary of news and activities related to the SHCS
Main reports including key findings and technical reports
Analyses of interest to local authorities
Access to key microdata releases
New statistics being developed within the SHCS
Revisions and corrections to previously published SHCS data
Consultation activities with key users and stakeholders
Information for interviewees selected to participate in the survey
Contact details for the SHCS Project Team