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Data Sources and Suitability

Data Sources and Suitability

There are a wide range of transport statistics available from a variety of different sources and presented in a number of Scottish Government publications, including the comprehensive Scottish Transport Statistics. The way in which the statistics are gathered very much determines the level they can be presented at e.g. local authority, police force, Regional Transport Authority (RTP) etc.


This attached spreadsheet outlines the varying levels of detail included in the range of transport statistics publications. It shows what is currently published and includes a draft publication timetable for 2010/11. The "Topic finder" identifies exactly where specific topics can be found in each publication. It also identifies where Local Authority and other geographies can be found. Topics include:

  • Method of Travel
  • Road Network
  • Road Transport Vehicles
  • Household Transport Access
  • Access to Services
  • Bus and Train Use
  • Concessionary Fares
  • Air Transport
  • Water Transport
Geographical Breakdowns

Details of where to find sub-Scotland and international data are presented in the spreadsheet above. Further meta-data, outlining the limitations of some of the sources are available here

More comprehensive EU statistics can be accessed on the Eurostat website:

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