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Excel versions of Transport and Travel Statistics tables

Scottish Transport Statistics - No. 24 - August 2005

Updated versions of many tables have been produced, giving a further year's data.

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Updated versions of tables

Many of the tables (but not all of them) have been updated, generally by adding figures for a further year. (In some cases, a further year's data had not been received when the updated tables were prepared.)

In addition, some figures for earlier years have been revised. The most significant changes are referred to below. The updated tables take account of these (and other) revisions. When using them, please bear in mind the points made in Introduction to Excel versions of tables .

Most significant revisions to earlier years' figures:

  • Chapter 2, Bus and Coach Travel: DfT revised the passenger numbers for 1985-86 onwards. The new figures are between 2.4% and 4.4% above the old figures.
  • Chapter 8, Rail Services: ORR revised the number of rail passenger journeys originating in Scotland for 1990-91 onwards. The extent of the revisions varied from year to year: the new figures are up to 3 million below the old ones.
  • Chapter 12, Personal and Cross-modal Travel: DfT revised the National Travel Survey figures for 1995/97 onwards. The new figures generally differ by between 2% and 4% from the old figures.

Tables at Time of Publication

The tables provided below are as they were at the time of publication, and remain available "for the record".

Publication - Scottish Transport Statistics No 24: 2005 Edition

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