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Tourism and Culture

Highland GamesThis section provides information and links to sources on Tourism, Arts and Culture in Scotland.

The main data sources can be accessed via our Links page, or you can use the High Level Trends to view a brief overview of some our key statistics.

The Statistical News Releases page includes those releases related to the Tourism, Culture and Sport topic.

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Featured High Level Trend

Overseas Visitors

Figures for 2010 show a decrease of 7% in the total number of visits to Scotland by overseas residents compared to 2009. There was an increase of 6% in tourism expenditure by overseas visitors in this time period more >

Equalities Evidence Finder


In June 2011, the Scottish Government's Equalities Evidence website was launched. Using the Evidence Finder you can find this evidence in three ways:

  • by equality characteristic – click on the characteristic you are interested in
  • by policy area – click on the name of the policy area you are interested in
  • by policy area and equality characteristic - for example religion and culture, by clicking on the relevant intersection below. 


Previous data on equality trends for Tourism, Culture and Sport can be accessed at Chapter 7 of the High Level Summary of Equalities Statistics publication.

A full set of data extracts for each equality strand are available for:

Age | Disability | Ethnic Group
Gender | Religion Group

Tourism and Culture Statistics

Tourism, Culture and Sports statistics in more detail

Contains links to external website sources and publications containing statistics for the Tourism, Sport and Cultural sectors.

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Associated areas on the Scottish Government website, and other key links for further information.

Consultation - ScotStat
Consultation and planning arrangements for Tourism, Culture and Sport statistical collections.

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