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Poverty and social security

This section presents information on the links between poverty and welfare reform.

Latest statistics

The Tracking Study aims to explore the impact of on-going welfare changes on a range of households in Scotland over time.

The Impact of Welfare Reform in Scotland Tracking Study – Sweep 4 - Report (published June 2016)

Previous results from the tracking study are available here:

Tracking Study research reports


Evidence of the impact of impacts of welfare reform on the whole population and on equality groups can be found here:

The financial impacts of welfare reform – illustrative working age case studies (published May 2014)

The Impact of UK Welfare Reform on Families – Autumn 2014 update (published October 2014)

The gender impact of the UK Government's welfare reforms (published August 2013)

Financial Impacts of Welfare Reform on Disabled People in Scotland (published August 2014)

The potential impacts of benefit sanctions on individual households (published December 2013)

The impact of Welfare reform on Equality, Poverty and Geographies (published October 2014)


Scottish Ministers are required to report annually to the Scottish Parliament until 2017 on the impact that the UK Welfare Reform Act is likely to have on the people of Scotland. The latest report can be found here:

Annual Reports on the Impact of Welfare Reform (published June 2016)

Earlier reports are available here:

Annual Report to Parliament on the Impact of Welfare reform



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