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Poverty and equality

This section presents information on the risk of poverty by the equality characteristics.

Latest Statistics

Poverty rates for a number of equality groups were included in the latest Poverty & Income Inequality in Scotland publication, published in March 2019. The equality characteristics are: age, gender, ethnic group, religion and disability.

In addition to this analysis, supplementary tables summarise the risk of poverty and severe poverty for different groups of the population: Overview of characteristics associated with poverty - tables (published March 2019)

Gender Pay Gap

Analytical Annex to the Gender Pay Gap Action Plan (“A Fairer Scotland for Women”)

In March 2018, the Scottish Government published A fairer Scotland for women: gender pay gap action plan. This annex provides an analysis of the action plan. After an overview of the gender pay gap, the annex presents a logic model which sets out the main causes of the gender pay gap. It then uses this model to examine how the policy commitments in the  Action Plan can be expected to impact the gender pay gap and gender equality more  broadly. Throughout, the report also considers the ways in which gender intersects with other characteristics such as ethnicity and disability.

Addressing the gender pay gap: employer methods

This report analyses the findings of 14 qualitative interviews with a range of public and private employers operating in Scotland. The research questions concerned the impact of reporting requirements, the strategies employers had or were developing to engage with the gender pay gap and the challenges and benefits associated with their efforts.

Distributional Analysis

The Budget Process Review Group (BPRG) recommended that the Scottish Government ‘explore the feasibility of providing a distributional analysis, by equality characteristic, of the taxation, expenditure and social security proposals in the Budget’. The scoping paper below considers the models and data that could be used to conduct distributional analysis according to the BPRG’s recommendation. It concludes that such an analysis would be possible excepting breakdowns by certain equality characteristics. 

In October 2018, the Scottish Government held a seminar on distributional analysis involving experts from fourteen external organisations, together with internal analysts in finance, social security, equalities, economic modelling, and strategy. The second paper below summarises the outcomes of the expert seminar, considering the data and modelling issues involved in improving the Scottish Government’s approach to distributional analysis and outlining its next steps.

Equality Evidence Finder

The Scottish Government and its agencies collect, analyse and publish equality evidence across a wide range of policy areas. The information has been brought together on the Scottish Government Equality Evidence website. The evidence finder allows users to easily find this evidence by policy area and by equality characteristic. The Evidence Finder is available here:

Equality Evidence Finder


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