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Poverty and Health

There are a number of ways in which family socio-economic status may impact on health during childhood and into adulthood. Health is influenced by the distribution of money, power and resources within a society which are in turn, influenced by the social, economic and political structures. These are the social determinants of health largely responsible for avoidable health inequality. Therelationship is complex, involving many interacting factors which can have a negative impact. 

This section presents information on the impact of poverty on health.

Latest analysis

Long term monitoring of Health inequalities (published December 2017)

The Scottish Government produces a range of information on Health and Social Care Scottish Government Health Statistics . For statistics relating to Hospitals and other areas of the NHS in Scotland, see NHS Scotland's Information Services Division (ISD).

NHS Health Scotland publish information on equalities and health inequalities.

The Scottish Public Health Observatory publish information on health inequalities in Scotland

Audit Scotland Health inequalities in Scotland (published December 2012)

NHS briefing on child poverty (published March 2013)

Alternative Sources


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