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Food Insecurity

Food poverty/insecurity has become a subject of key policy concern in Scotland and the UK in recent years. This section presents information on food insecurity in Scotland.

The nature and extent of food poverty/insecurity in Scotland

The Scottish Government is currently considering the measurement of food insecurity in Scotland. Previous analysis highlighted the gap in evidence around the wider issue of food insecurity directly linked to income. The links below are to the existing evidence.

An independent short life working group on food poverty was convened to consider the issues and make recommendations to the Scottish Government on future actions. This is the Group's report.

Dignity: Ending Hunger Together in Scotland - The Report of the Independendent Working Group on Food Poverty (published June 2016)

Overview of Food Aid provision in Scotland (published December 2013)

Scotland’s ‘National Food and Drink Policy; Becoming a Good Food Nation’ aims to ensure everyone in Scotland has access to the healthy, nutritious food they need: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Business-Industry/Food-Industry/national-strategy/good-food-nation

The Nature and Extent of Food poverty report explores the wider context of household food poverty / insecurity  in Scotland and to develop an understanding of the current level and nature of HFI to inform policy and practice (published May 2015)

NHS Health Food Poverty Statement (published November 2015)


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