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Child Poverty (Scotland) Act - Target measures

The Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 contains four ambitious income-based targets to reduce child poverty in Scotland by 2030. All four targets are based on  the income left to a household after they have paid their rent or mortgage (after housing costs).

The infographic Child Poverty Update below shows the current child poverty estimates, as well as the long-term trends and the targets. Trends over time are best shown using three-year averages of the estimates. Single-year estimates can be used to understand the situation at a certain point in time.

All single-year estimates and three-year averages can be found in the tables of the Poverty & Income Inequality publication here: Poverty & Income Inequality: 2015-18 

Child Poverty Update

Downloadable document:

Title:Infographic factsheet - Child Poverty Bill
Description:Infographic factsheet on Child Poverty Bill
File:Child poverty targets update - March 2019 [PDF, 271.6 kb: 28 Mar 2019]
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