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School support staff

Statistics on teachers are rigorously quality assured by local authorities and the Scottish Government. Historically statistics on school support staff were of lower quality concern and lower public interest than those on teachers and so were not subject to the same quality assurance procedures. Recently the profile and public interest in school support staff statistics has increased and quality assurance procedures have been adapted in response to this change. As a result, the processing and quality assurance of the statistics on selected categories of school support staff from 2017 onwards has been brought into line with the procedures in place for National Statistics on pupils and teachers. Data collected by the Scottish Government on other categories of support staff is held as management information.

Major corrections

Teacher numbers for 2014 have been amended within the 2015 publication, affecting all sectors and pupil teacher ratios in some cases. Therefore, any previously published figures for 2014 are now superseded and should not be used. Please see the 2015 publication for more information.

Data on early learning and childcare, primary and total teachers along with associated pupil teacher ratios for 2010, 2011, 2012 were revised in 2013 to remove teachers who were double counted as a result of working in both sectors. Therefore these figures have been superseded, please use revised figures in the 2013, 2014 and 2015 publication.

More information on corrections is availble in the Background Notes section of the data sets.


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