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School Education Stakeholder Consultation History

School Education Statistics Stakeholder Consultations

The table below relates to school education statisticial topics, where we seek the views and suggestions of our data users on particular publications. All future stakeholder consultations for school education statistics will be announced via Scotstat.

Please click on the relative subject for an update on the progress of the consultation and associated follow up work:

Date Commenced Status Stakeholder Consulation
February 2018 completed School Leavers Destinations
January 2015 completed SSLN Pupil and Teacher Questionnaire
September 2014 completed Consultation on School Education statistics
November 2011 completed Revised publication format of Scottish Government School Education Statistics
September 2010 completed Review of Scottish Government Schools Statistics Publications, September 2010
June 2010 completed Education (Schools) Statistics Survey
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If you have any queries relating to school education stakeholders consultations, please contact us on school.stats@gov.scot