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School Education Consultation - ScotStat


ScotStat is a network for users and providers of Scottish Official Statistics. It aims to improve communication amongst those interested in particular statistics and facilitate the setting up of working groups on specific statistical issues. This page contains information on stakeholder engagement and activity conducted in relation to school education statistics.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are keen to find out more about work relating to school education statistics or any other facet of the work of the Scottish Government Statistics Group, you can register with ScotStat to receive updates. More information on ScotStat can be found on the ScotStat homepage, including a feedback form and information on the work of the ScotStat Board.

School Education - Consultation

Consultation is a key part of the work Scottish Government statisticians undertake to ensure that the data we collect, analyse and publish meets the varied needs of users. Over time our engagement with users has moved away from large formal meetings to a much more flexible approach which draws information about user need from all users and through a variety of approaches. We recognise that not all users have the same requirements and priorities will not be the same. However, by working with users throughout the year, the Scottish Government is looking to understand these needs and then to decide on priorities and action.

Stakeholder Engagement

Details of current and historicial school education stakeholder consultation activity are available here.

Contact us

If you have any queries relating to school education stakeholders consulations, please contact us on