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School Education - Data Access

This section outlines the procedures for requesting access to data held by the Education Analytical Services (EAS) Division of the Scottish Government

EAS Division plays a key and leading role in the collection, analysis and publication of analytical evidence across the School Education and Young People sector.

EAS Division works with stakeholders to ensure that:

  • necessary evidence is gathered,

  • overlap between collections is minimised,

  • collections are harmonised and comprehensive,

  • publications are focused, relevant and accessible, and

  • use of data is effective and appropriate.

As part  of this agenda, EAS also works to facilitate the sharing of data and maximise their value for the benefit of the research and education community. Decisions on whether to enable access to data held by EAS Division are ultimately the responsibility of the Head of the Division. However, advice is provided by the Divisional Data Access Officer and the EAS Data Access Panel.

It should be noted that the sharing of data held by the EAS Division is predominately for the purposes of statistical analysis and research. Access is only granted where:

  • it is clear that EAS Division has the right to share the data,

  • the use of the information is considered consistent with the original purposes for collecting the data,

  • where no individuals will be publicly identified as a result of the analysis,

  • appropriate security safeguards and checks are in place to ensure the security of the data throughout its exchange and use,

  • there is a clear public benefit and link to Scottish Government policy interests.

The following links provide information and advice on our data access procedures: