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Public Sector Employment - By Age


Youth Employment in the Scottish devolved public sector

The number of 16-24 year olds employed in the devolved public sector in Quarter 1, 2019 were released on 11th June 2019.  This is the seventh release of youth employment data covering the Scottish devolved public sector.

The results from this survey showed that in Q1 2019, there were 23,020 young people aged 16-24 in employment in the devolved public sector, accounting for 4.6% of total employment in this sector. This was the same as the proportion of young people in employment in the devolved public sector in Q1 2018 (4.6%).

These statistics are Official Statistics and released alongside the total public sector employment statistics for Scotland. The total public sector series is a National Statistics product. The youth data are released as Official Statistics to reflect the fact that this is a fairly new data series.


In April 2019 Scottish Government Executive Agencies, Executive NDPBs, Public Corporations, Non-Ministerial Departments and Local Government organisations were asked to provide information on the number of young people (aged 16-24 years) employed in their organisations in March 2019. This information was supplemented by previously published information from NHS Scotland and an estimate for youth employment within further education colleges based on existing information.

Further information on public bodies within Scotland is available at the link below.


Data Tables

A breakdown of youth employment in the public sector is provided in the supplementary web-tables, available from the labour market statistics publications page.

These figures are for a snap shot as at March 2019, some organisation may employ young people throughout the year although they are not in employment on the snap shot date due to seasonal demands on services.