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Employment, Unemployment and Inactivity for young people (16-24 years): Scotland and UK 18 Dec 2019
Annual Population Survey, results for year to 30 September 2019 18 Dec 2019
Public Sector Employment in Scotland - Statistics for 3rd Quarter 2019 17 Dec 2019
Non-UK nationals in Scotland's workforce- Annual Population Survey  (July 2018 to June 2019) 04 Dec 2019
Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) 2019 - Key findings 26 Nov 2019
Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings - Tables 26 Nov 2019
Scotland's Labour Market- Monthly Summary 12 Nov 2019
Scotland's Labour Market Slide Pack 27 Aug 2019
Youth Unemployment in Scotland (excluding those in full-time education) 04 Jun 2019
Non UK nationals in Scotland's workforce 29 May 2019
Regional Employment Patterns: Statistics from the Annual Population Survey 2018 21 May 2019



Regional Labour Market Statistics were published by ONS on the 17th Dec 2019 at Link

A summary of Scotland's Labour Market Statistics can be found on the SG web site at Link


Earnings Analysis

Analysis of the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ONS), 2019 dataset for Scotland was published on 26 November 2019 Link



Analysis of Characteristics of 16-19 year olds Not in Employment, Education or Training from the 2011 Census (26 October 2015) - Link here

About Labour Market Statistics

This section gives information on how to access statistics relating to the Labour Market.


The Scottish Government holds the Labour Force Survey, Annual Population Survey and Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings data set.


Analysis produced in the Scottish Government includes: 



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Labour Market Data, for Scotland, can also be accessed through



Scotland Performs

Scotland Performs measures and reports on progress of government in Scotland. It allows you to judge for yourself how Scotland is doing against a wide range of indicators set out in the National Performance Framework.

Current Indicators sources from labour Market Data include

Purpose Targets

Purpose Targets are high level targets that show progress towards the Governments Purpose. 


To maintain our position on labour market participation as the top performing country in the UK.

To close the gap with the top five OECD economies by 2017.

National Indicators

Reduce underemployment.

Reduce the proportion of employees earning less than the Living Wage.

Reduce the pay gap.

Labour Market statistics in more detail

Publications and Data
Recent statistical publications on Labour Market, including background information, and other online briefing.


Methods and Background
Useful information relating to Labour Market statistics.


Analytical Papers
Research and statistical papers relating to Labour Market issues.


Consultation - ScotStat
Consultation and planning arrangements for Labour Market statistical collections.


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